Monday, June 25, 2012

Playing catch up

Hey everyone!!

   Obviously I am having some difficulty staying on top of our blog and I am so sorry!  When the kiddos were smaller and stayed in one place this seemed so much easier and now when they are awake they are everywhere and when they are sleeping I am buried in laundry, dishes, organizing or just trying to spend some quality time with my hubby!  So in this post I am going to play catch up and tell you a little bit of where we are now!  The kiddos are 2 1/2 and oh so much fun!! They are definitely testing their limits and even though daddy and I know its normal it can be very frustrating especially times 3, however with consistent discipline I know we can make it through! Lets chat about the Kiddos!!

About Benjamin:
   Benjamin is a shy and quiet little guy around everyone except family and friends, he is coming out of his shell more and more everyday! Ben is most definetely a Daddy's boy.  He loves his "Noni" (blanket) and won't come downstairs without it, he does not hang on to it all day but for some reason it needs to be downstairs.  His favorite toys are trucks, ariplanes, dinosaurs and trains. He likes to line up his toys in a certain order and we are not sure if it is on pourpose but he makes patterns with the colors too! Ben can recognize 3 letters when they are shown to him and he can count to 3. We are working on his attention span with learning because of course he would much rather be playing!

About Blake:
   Blake is a bundle of wild energy that is not contained, he waves to anyone and everyone and is definetly a people person.  Blake is a mama and daddy's boy!  He still loves his "Noni" but again like ben he soes not have it all the time but does stop now and then and has a snuggle with it on the couch.  His favorite toys are trucks, helicopter's, cars, boats, princesses's and he loves to play dress up with Brooklynn.  He is like a little tornado in the playroom and goes from one thing to the next to the next!  Blake can recognize 5-6 letters when shown to him and can count to 6 missing only one number.  Like Ben his attention span is a bit short (Little boys!!) but we are working on it!

About Brooklynn:
   Brooklynn is a sweet little princess and she is definetley all girl!  She is shy but at the same time a ball of energy and seems to draw people in.  She is a mama's girl by far!  Brookie has no attachments except her nighttime routine, there are several things she does before bed and if not done she gets upset.  Her favorite toys are baby's, dress-up, princesses, purse's, dinosaurs and cars.  Brooklynn can recognize 6 letters when shown to her and she can count to 11 missing only 1 number (usually 8).  She has a great attention span when it comes to learning, probably gets it from her dad! =) 

Well there is your catch up and here are some pictures!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Stroller or no stroller......

We RARELY ever use a stroller anymore especially when we go to the Zoo, Aquarium or really any other fun place that we can run around!  Today was the first day that we did not use a stroller at all, we went to Walmart, Costco and the NEX. The kiddos did really well, they always WANT to hold our hand which is a great thing, it we let go for a second they put their hands up and ask to hold it!  Hopefully that lasts a bit longer. =)  It seems everyday that goes by they just keep getting bigger and bigger, of course I know they are supposed to but......we kinda want them to stay little! Here are a few photos from our stroller free Zoo day!

 Mama really another picture!? We just want to see the ANIMALS!
Pretty sure they look like BIG kids here!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Lets face it there is no way whatsoever to hide the fact that I have not blogged in almost 3 MONTHS!!!! Sorry family and friends for not keeping you as updated as you deserve to be. I never imagined that the older the kiddos got the busier our everyday lives would be. Ben, Blake and Brooke are 3 of the most adventurous, crazy, funny, loving, busy and amazingly smart children I know! It takes every moment that we are awake to enrich their lives with activities that keep them busy so that everyone is happy including this mama. Sometimes I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything..............but with that said Carl and myself love how busy our life is because we know we are blessed! However 3 months of not blogging is a bit insane wouldn't you say??? I am trying to figure out where to start, be ready for lots of pictures and little blurbs to catch you up to the present!!! 

Halloween 2011
  Carving a pumpkin with mama!

 What's inside!!!??
 What do you see???
 It's squishy.....Not super sure about it.
 Our Yellow Brick Road
 Daddy Tin Man & Mama is Glinda

 Blake 2 years!

Ben 2 years!
 Brooke 2 years!

 Birthday Bounce House with Balloons!
 Benjamin's Dinosaur cake!
 Brookie's Dinosaur cake!
 Blake's Dinosaur cake!

The kiddos made it till 11:45pm! Little troopers they were running around like it was 2 in the afternoon!  We paid for it the next day with super cranky kiddos but hanging out with them was well worth it!

We did a Christmas video this year instead of 100's of pictures and I will post it tomorrow!  I know its not a ton but it gets us caught up to the present at least and I promise to stay on top of it from now on!! Thanks for reading about our everyday lives!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Honolulu Zoo

The Zoo is always a hit with the kiddos especially now that we take no wagon or stroller so they can be a little bit more independent: They LOVE it!  Even though there are alot of animals to see I still think their favorite part is the playground! Lol!  The are growing up so fast, I don't think Carl and I ever thought that before 2 we would be without a stroller at the Zoo!

 We all are holding hands! We do this quite often which is nice for mama and daddy!
 LOOK how BIG those turtles are!
 Running to see the tigers!  You can see here Blake and Brooke are still holding hands!
 See ya!
 Ben waving "Bye Bye" to the Peacock
 Those are big kitties!
Sitting at the table having a nice lunch as a family

New hair...... Now they look like little men

Carl and i finally broke down and got the boys haircuts because they simply needed them!! The pictures say everything so enjoy!!!!



We finally get to meet our Great Aunt Carol!

The last time I saw my aunt was when I was newly pregnant with the triplets! She came out for a day visit from Kauai and she did the same on Sunday!  The kiddos took to her so well as if she had beena round their whole lives.  having our kiddos know their family is extremely important to both Carl and I, so having them be able to meet her was truly a blessing!  Hoping to be back home to Washington next year so that we can be within a few driving hours from everyone!!! Here some photos of our fun with Auntie Carol!  Thanks for visiting it was awesome!!!

 Of course no one is looking! Lol!
 Wearing Aunties shoes!!!
Saying goodbye and goodnight to our Great Auntie!  We hope to see you again soon!!! <3

Lovin on Tutu!

Just a few photos of us snuggling and chatting with our Tutu.  She had some major ankle surgery yesterday so we thought a blog post about her would help cheer her up!  Wishing we could be there to take care of you!! Get better soon!! We love you Tutu!!!